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14 February 2014 | Art & Photography | By: Laura Reynolds

The Friday Photos: Tick Tock

The Friday Photos: Tick Tock

Londoners are stereotyped for living life by the clock, constantly scurrying to beat the march of time. The irony behind this is that if we stopped once in a while and took the time to look around, we'd realise how much time really does surround us, in the form of clocks. Who knew Big Ben has so much competition?

Many thanks to the photographers for allowing us to use their images via Flickr: Derek Crook, Stuart Sunley, Lee Jackson, Guy Tyler, Tyla, Louis Berk, Apichart Phōlasak, Yasin D, Peter H, helenoftheways and Check-In London.

Laura Reynolds

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I'm surprised you didn't include the clock on the Shell Mex Building which is actually the largest in London. (Which is in shown your Extra Extra picture for today!)

Sue Sparks

I walked under the Bracken House clock for more than a decade when I worked at the Financial Times before it moved to Southwark. Good to see it again!

Jennifer Blain

Am I living in LaLa Land? Do I really remember a very smart clock at the Harrods end of the westbound Piccadilly line platform at Knightsbridge station with a backwards dial? Could have been around 30 years ago, maybe more.