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03 February 2014 | Art & Photography | By: M@

Darwin Birthday Busts Go On Show At Grant Museum

Darwin Birthday Busts Go On Show At Grant Museum

Were he alive today, Charles Darwin would be preparing for his 205th birthday (imagine how long his beard would be), which falls on 12 February. To mark the occasion, a new exhibition opens at the Grant Museum with a series of sculptures inspired by the great naturalist.

The exhibition came about in the Grant Museum's own version of Trafalgar Square's 'fourth plinth'. A space recently vacated by a conventional Victorian bust of Darwin needed filling, so staff and students were asked to design something a bit more, well, evolved. The entries employ everything from ant farms to crochet to produce the scientist's likeness.

You can see 'Darwin (or) Bust' between 12 February and 2 April at the Grant Museum of Zoology, University Street, open Mon-Sat, 1-5pm. Entrance is free.


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