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28 January 2014 | Art & Photography, History | By: M@

Old And Modern London, Side By Side

Old And Modern London, Side By Side

'Then and now' comparisons of London are nothing new, but photographer 'Roll the Dice' brings both quantity and quality — and a certain amount of inventiveness — to the genre.

He recreates not only old photographs of the capital, but also seeks out locations from music videos, classic sitcoms, and forgotten films. His archive now contains hundreds of comparison shots from both central London and the suburbs. He's kindly shared these with us in the Londonist Flickr pool, and we're delighted to pick out a few highlights for your perusal.

These and many other shots, plus some superior street photography, can be viewed on Roll the Dice's Flickr stream, and at a larger size than we can fit in our column.


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Albert Trinker

I do like this photos! They really bring old London to life, and makes you feel connected to the past.

And i know how much effort they take! If anyone would like to see my efforts, concentrating in Camden they're here: http://www.flickr.com/photos/t...


how is it all the old photos make london look like it had character

Thomas Casey

I can safely say that most things are worse looking now, all plastic and ugly.