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01 January 2014 | Festivals | By: Rachel Holdsworth

Hello, 2014! London New Year Fireworks

Hello, 2014! London New Year Fireworks

Did you see the fireworks last night? If you missed them, here are some photos by our intrepid Flickrpool photographers and the BBC's broadcast of the event.

The New Year's Eve fireworks were billed as a 'multi sensory' experience (as though masses of bangs and lights aren't enough for some people, sheesh) with fruit flavoured mist and snow descending on some revellers, and scratch-and-sniff packs for others (Sky News said banana flavoured confetti wasn't released because of the rain). If you were in one of the chosen spots, let us know in the comments whether your senses were heightened or disappointed.

And, of course, a Happy 2014 from everyone at Londonist.

Photos by Michael Garnett (once and twice), Real London Photos and Alpha Whiskey Photography from the Londonist Flickrpool.

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Wonderful! Happy new year from California!

Will Eaton

I TRIED to see the London fireworks last night, but fences and security stopped me and tens of thousands of others. All along Strand, Fleet Street, Blackfriars
blocked. Why all that security? We weren't warned, the impression given by
London authorities that riverside was open. F****!


And once you got there, what did you do? Party and enjoy the excellent music and firework display or stand still and film it on your own phone? Cos that's all I can see anyone in the crowds doing. You really think the footage you get on your phone is going to be better than the TV's? Honestly, I think the fireworks should be for those people who want to have fun and party with others, not this bunch of boring old farts!