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20 January 2014 | Transport | By: Andy Thornley

In Pictures: New Eye-Level Cycle Signals Installed At Bow Interchange

In Pictures: New Eye-Level Cycle Signals Installed At Bow Interchange

The UK’s first eye-level cycle traffic lights have been installed on the Bow Interchange in East London. The roundabout has been the scene of several accidents resulting in the death or serious injury of cyclists in recent years.

Although not currently operational, engineers spent Sunday afternoon installing and testing the lights, just long enough for Londonist to take a few pictures and give a sneak preview of what those on two wheels can expect in the coming weeks.

In December last year, Leon Daniels, managing director of surface transport at Transport for London said:

Low level cycle signals are commonplace in certain parts of Europe and we are keen to make them commonplace in London. These new signals, which will be a further improvement to the innovative traffic signals at Bow, will provide cyclists with a better eye-level view as to which stage the traffic signals are at.

In 2012, traffic signals specifically for cyclists were introduced to the notorious junction; however, introducing eye-level lights will now allow cyclists to see the signal without craning their necks.

Diamond Geezer's also been to take a look. What do you think of the new signals? Tell us below.

Andy Thornley

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A great step forward. Having been used to them in Europe I could never understand why, other than cost, they did not appear in the UK. They can also be very helpful for car drives (hint!).


Blown away that this is the first set in the whole of the UK!? Also, are the lights used to give cyclist a head start?

Clara Bow

Live locally to the roundabout - Tuesday morning, two days after launc, went to check the new lights out as I won't cycle on that roundabout. Lights are covered up! Big press launch, then switch them off?