Bakerloo And Northern Lines Not Stopping At Embankment

Rachel Holdsworth
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Bakerloo And Northern Lines Not Stopping At Embankment

embankment_080114Getting the Northern or Bakerloo lines to Embankment? No you're not: as of today, those lines won't stop at the station for most of 2014. The station isn't closed, though; you can still catch Circle and District line trains as normal. Or, as normal as the Circle and District lines get.

Transport for London is replacing the escalators to the deep tube lines (hence why it's only partially closed). Your best bet is to get off at Charing Cross and walk. And it's not far, because Charing Cross-Embankment is the second shortest journey on the Underground network at 260m-ish (Diamond Geezer went into all this back in 2007; the shortest journey, Leicester Square-Covent Garden, is also officially 260m but TfL insists that's the shortest).

At street level, Google Maps puts the walking distance between Covent Garden and Leicester Square stations and Embankment and Charing Cross stations at 200m each. But this is without factoring in the lesser-known side entrance/exit to Charing Cross that leads to Villiers Street. Instead of leaving via the front of the station onto Strand, look to the left of the ticket barriers by platform 1. You'll see some stairs leading down – a handy shortcut, 70m less.

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Last Updated 08 January 2014


Look to the left when facing the *entrance* to the ticket barriers. If changing trains (i.e. exiting the barriers) the steps are on the right. And has London Underground made the usual provisions for those on a single ticket? That is, nothing. Nada. So you get to pay twice for what should be a single journey? PAYG Oyster as confused as always?

Tom Payne

Who is this a shortcut for, exactly? National Rail commuters needing the district wouldn't have been taking the Bakerloo/Northern and changing unless they're incredibly stupid, and anyone on the Bakerloo/Northern needing the District can exit straight into Villiers Street using the signposted exit 2. Taking the escalators to the National Rail station and fighting your way across the concourse then back down another set of escalators is not ideal!


If you are heading to/from the river, this side exit leads to a raised walkway that runs all the way to Hungerford Bridge, cutting out a flight of steps and the hill that leads to Embankment. Very useful shortcut.