Where To Have A Hangover In London


Londoners love a drink, particularly at this time of year. While the temptation is to snooze off the following day in whichever bed/gutter/Crossrail development you’ve woken up, it’s much better to battle the hangover while out and about. Here’s what we suggest.


Rehydration is top of the agenda. Refresh in style at Redemption. This Golborne Road bar is devoted to non-alco cocktails, such as the Coco-rita (coconut water, lime and agave served over crushed ice), ‘Pomms’ (pomegranate juice, mint and soda), and hibiscus iced tea. Hair of the dogger?

Get a couple of 69 Colebrooke Row’s Prairie Oysters down your gullet. These Hestonesque delicacies combine Sally Bowles’s usual with another tried and tested hangover cure, the Bloody Mary. Today’s London offers more brunch options than you’ve had hot breakfasts. For an uber-dirty fry-up, order off the economical menu at at Rock Steady Eddie’s in Camberwell. Alternatively, suffer your migraine in style with a grilled kipper and mustard butter at The Wolseley. Or absorb the alcohol with a mini mountain of dim sum in Chinatown.


Queasiness minimised, it’s time to ease the brain into gear. Blow away the cobwebs with a stroll along Gabriel’s Wharf. Brighton this beach ain’t, but it does possess the finest views of London you’ll ever get from a sandy shoreline. Just be careful not to traipse through the sand sculptures in your zombified state.

Every Sunday, the fittingly-named Hangover Lounge at The Lexington plies punters with soothing(ish) sounds from its roster of DJs. A mellower institution is the Sunday Morning Coffee Concerts at Wigmore Hall; slurp on a cup of Joe (or sweet sherry) while swaying to the strains of Mozart, Haydn or Schubert. Should you need to properly slob out, do so in one of the Electric Cinema’s double beds.

Body and soul-cleansing

The final stage of vanquishing your hangover is to purge all the bad stuff and ultimately forgive yourself. Porchester Spa is the most glorious of its ilk left in London; a watery Art Deco palace. The plunge pool, steam rooms and hot towel treatments here will see off any leftover physical ailments in no time.

Find your Zen among the peacocks and water features at Holland Park’s Kyoto Garden. The London Buddhist Centre hosts a number of meditation and wellbeing classes. Most are drop-ins, and either cheap or suggested donation (handy if you’ve just blown the month’s salary on cider).

If you’ve been a bad boy or girl and want to let it all out, Westminster Cathedral conducts daily confession sessions. After all that, you’ll be feeling quite thirsty. Time to locate the nearest decent boozer.

Where in London do you most like to have your hangovers?

Image by Jonathan Brown in the Londonist Flickr pool.

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  • SEKarlos

    A hangover is a self-inflicted suffering, a migraine attack is indiscriminate. I’m sure it wasn’t your intention to cause offence to those who suffer from migraines or come across as pig ignorant but unfortunately this has happened. There is no no known cure for migraines, neither has it been established what causes them, but I seriously doubt a grilled kipper and mustard butter or alcohol with a mini mountain of dim sum in Chinatown is going to thwart a migraine attack. I’m sure all those migraine sufferers you have offended would welcome an apology!

    P.s good suggestions for staying drunk the afternoon after the morning before though

    • Double Denim

      Yeah, while your at it Londonist can you apologise to the entire Catholic Faith for trivialising confession, the entire Buddhist faith for commercialising meditation and also Rock Steady Eddies for suggesting their fry-up is dirty?