Selfridges Christmas Windows: A Recent History

Harry Gordon Selfridge coined the phrase ‘X days until Christmas’, successfully turning Edwardian Londoners into a pack of baying shopaholics in the process. Selfridge also pioneered the display window in this country, with emphasis on creating extra-bewitching scenes around Christmastime. Nowadays, Selfridges’ festive windows are as much a part of a London Christmas as the Norwegian spruce in Trafalgar Square or ice skating at Somerset House.

Unfortunately, we don’t have access to Selfridges’ complete archive of Christmas window displays, but we can show you those from the previous five years. There have been some fanciful concepts since 2008, some of which have worked better than others.

If you’ve got your own Christmas display photos from Selfridges on other years, or from any other London stores, we’d love to see them in the comments section.

Disclaimer: although this article includes images obtained directly from Selfridges, it is not a commercial feature, and was put together out of our own editorial initiative and love of the windows, rather than any kind of PR hocus pocus. 

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