Secrets Of The Hammersmith And City Line

Geoff Marshall, the Guinness World Record holder for visiting all stations on the Underground in one day, turns his eye to the little-known features of the Hammersmith and City Line. Geoff uncovers secret entrances, a station without a ticket office, and the oldest corridor on the whole of the Underground.

With camerawork from Dan Haythorn of dananddan films, and an additional embedded animation, showing how the tangled web of stations near Shepherd’s Bush developed.

Feel free to share your own favourite bits of H&C Line trivia in the comments below.

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Article by Geoff Marshall | 19 Articles | View Profile | Twitter

  • Dave K

    Another interesting video, plenty of interesting trivia from the H&C which I always remember as being the Met! Good stuff Geoff and Dan!
    PS – Nice bonus vid and what vintage is that map you’re holding?!

    • Geoff Marshall

      Dave, hi!

      what vintage map? i picked that up at the tube station moments before filming, as i have done with every tube video i’ve made so far! … :D

      • Dave K


  • Geoff Marshall

    also, here’s a fact for you: the District Line has more stops within the boundaries of the CIty of London than the H&C does. I hereby propose to rename the District ‘The RIchmond & City Line’, and the H&C should be consumed into the Circle Line, thus freeing up the Pink colour for when they eventually split the Northern into two in five years time, so Pink goes from Kennington to Edgware.

    • Dave K

      What a jolly sensible idea!

    • Martyn Byrne

      the northern line is being divided ?? tell me more……

      • Geoff Marshall

        Operationally, the Northern is almost already run as two separate lines. Kennington to Edgware and Morden to High Barnet. the smart money says that once the signalling upgrade is complete, and the extension to Battersea happens, it might totally divide… and maybe one of the branches coloured differently!

  • Mustard

    Nice video Geoff.

    • Geoff Marshall

      thanks! at least two more to come, Piccadilly and Metropolitan. been saving the big ones for the end …

  • Alexandra Westcott

    I love your videos. Keep them coming. And yes! Do a canal one!

    • Geoff Marshall

      Alex, thanks! Do you think Canals would people as popular as a tube series though? Canals have got a quintessential coolness about them, but aren’t used daily by millions of people. Could easily be not as popular, even though it be lovely to do …

      • Alexandra Westcott

        Possibly. I’d be interested on one about regents canst as have fairly recently discovered and walked along it. So purely selfish!

        Are you doing all the tube lines?

        Alexandra (….in full!)

        • Geoff Marshall


          Doing all the tube lines, yes – 4 more to go. Possibility of course of doing an Overground one and a DLR one. And another bonus tube one, and THEN onto the canals!!

          • Alexandra Westcott

            A bonus one…. Exciting! Just recently discovered overground. Love it. And then the canals. So many goodies to look forward to!

          • Geoff Marshall

            “for hardcore geeks only”. all the stuff considered too radical to put into a ‘regular’ Secrets video …

          • Becky Horrocks

            A bonus tube video and canals are definitely something to look forward to. Thanks for another ‘bad day at work’ distraction!

      • Martyn Byrne

        canals would be a winner too Geoff

  • Adam Orchard

    Huge fan of your videos being a bit of a tube geek myself, when can we expect to see the circle line vid to be uploaded? Keep up the great work!

  • Ambler

    Great video! (Again.)

    I have a certain fondness for the H&C Line for one simple reason, which is that it passes very close to one of my absolute favourite buildings in London, the lovely Trellick Tower.

    The old corridor at Baker Street is interesting too. I found that myself a couple of months ago while exploring the station during a heavy delay on my morning commute. At the time it seemed like a totally pointless and little-used link between the two platforms, so it’s good to know it actually has some history.