London’s Biggest Balls: A Guide To The Capital’s Spherical Wonders

It’s a little-known fact that the O2 dome in Greenwich is just the upper portion of a giant sphere that extends deep underground to house the Blackwall Tunnels and a secret James Bond baddie base. Many smaller spheroids can be found around town. Most recently, the statue usually called Eros received a protective bubble for the winter season, and Christmas baubles now droop from the rooftops of Chinatown and Covent Garden. Here, then, are London’s biggest balls.

Sadly, we don’t have a good photo of the Old Street beach ball, which came a-cropper during the recent hurricane. Nor ZSL London Zoo’s memorable sculpture of a dung beetle, rolling up its turdball. And for completeness, we should also add the skeletal sphere on top of the Coliseum theatre. Who wants to share their own balls with us?

All photos by M@ except the Kew ball by Helenoftheways, the City Hall ball by Nyaheh, the Gherkin’s bollock by Jose Farihina and the Bali memorial by Binary Ghost, all in the Londonist Flickr pool.


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  • Lenny Carter

    you missed the ones in Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park…

  • LondonRemembers

    How could you forget the beach ball, just round the corner from Londonist Towers? Though I think I heard that the 2013 Storm dislodged it.

    • MattFromLondonist

      We didn’t. It’s mentioned at the bottom. Just didn’t have a pic, so thanks for adding that.

  • Kili

    Add: The disco ball @theW hotel club. You can also see it from Leicester Square.

  • Fabien

    What about the three balls between the Millennium Bridge and St Paul’s?

  • Debralondon

    some awesome orbs outside Peckham Library…. no photos alas.

  • LondonRemembers

    Here’s a photo of the London Coliseum sphere: .

  • LondonRemembers

    There are some small balls, that you
    drew our attention to some years back, at Crane Court:
    probably commemorating the Royal Society’s early meeting place.

  • LondonRemembers

    And Yury Gagarin is suitably standing on a sphere in Greenwich: