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14 November 2013 | Best Of London | By: M@

London's Marvellous Sunset: In Pictures

London's Marvellous Sunset: In Pictures

Last night's sunset was a real beaut. We were inundated with incredible pictures via Twitter and Flickr. Above, we've selected 12 of the best from around town. Apologies to the dozens of others who sent in excellent shots that we didn't include, but you're welcome to add them into the comments.

Links to Twitter photographers: @PaulShearsPhoto, @thisisnorthstar, @BDACreative, @DDRey, @Quarrygirl, @kjalee

Links to Londonist Flickr group members: Ian Wylie, Yorkshire Stacked, Sinister Pictures


We've got some awesome sunset views over in Hammersmith looking West. Here's one.

Anna B

Sunset over Wandsworth Bridge


@TenchiSquall Wembley Through The Wire


Twilight Wembley


Wembley City Fire on The Leaves @TenchiSquall


I want also to join!! Sunset with the Shard.