Stunning New Timelapse Video Of London

Paul Richardson put together this incredible timelapse film of London, using tracking and zoom for added effect. Paul describes the near-heroic process of capturing the footage:

During October I spent 8 days cycling 200 miles around London whilst carrying 22kg of camera gear. That week consisted of 3 main tasks. Lots of shooting, transferring photos onto the laptop, and a little bit of sleep. By the end of it I was physically drained – to the point where I thought I’d collapse on the final cycle back. Thankfully I didn’t and managed to make it back in one piece. The raw result was 18,000 photos spanning 364 GB of harddrive space. Cue a few weeks of editing, and I managed to produce the final video.

If you thought the pace of life in London was already too fast, look away now.

Hat-tip to the ever-wonderful Reddit London group.

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  • David W

    wow…stunning, supurb, exhausting, a masterpiece…

  • Woodmouse

    Absolutely fantastic! Congratulations!

  • Martin Bean

    The underpass at 1:10 reminds me of a shot from the opening of the U.S. “House of Cards” on Netflix.

  • Duncan McCabe

    E P I C

  • ClscFlm

    Thanks for this for those of us who love London but can only get there ever so often. This was the next best thing!

  • banbar

    Great video.. Could you also please write the name of song?

  • Gordon h

    Fabulous video! Well done!!