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Thames Festival: Download An Alternative Thames Map

By Lindsey Last edited 45 months ago
Thames Festival: Download An Alternative Thames Map

The Thames (Section 1- from London Bridge, Arizona to Salt Island, British Virgin Islands), collaged maps, 2013 by Layla Curtis

Every day during the Thames Festival you can download a different section of Layla Curtis' alternative map, The Thames (from London Bridge, Arizona to Sheerness, Canada).

This playful re-imagining of the Thames from Tower Bridge to the sea uses the etymology of place names located along the river and their namesakes from abroad, plays on London names that originated from elsewhere and pulls in places from around the world that sound like they should belong here.

Curtis collages maps together to make fictional hybrids so this artwork is at once familiar and disturbing, making us think about the influence of the Thames beyond the capital and in the imagination. Watch out for the reinstatement of the 1831 London Bridge, brand new estuary islands and another country's Olympic Park.

Download sections of The Thames (from London Bridge, Arizona to Sheerness, Canada) by Layla Curtis daily for free, on each of the 10 days of Thames Festival from www.thamesfestival.org and piece together your own limited edition alternative map.

Take a closer look - part of the map is currently on show on massive boards on the riverside walkway outside Tate Modern.

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The Mayor’s Thames Festival runs 6-15 September 2013.

Londonist is proud to be Digital Media Partner to the Mayor’s Thames Festival.

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