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Simon Amstell Work In Progress Shows At Invisible Dot

Rachel Holdsworth
Rachel Holdsworth 05 September 2013
Simon Amstell Work In Progress Shows At Invisible Dot


Be quick, be very quick: comedy promoter Invisible Dot has announced three work-in-progress shows by Simon Amstell in their really rather small Kings Cross venue next week.

Amstell's recent live shows have revealed a gift for making tortured introspection and bitchy self deprecation deeply, deeply funny, and we will go to our graves insisting that the second series of Grandma's House was as fine a comedy show as you'll find. We can't wait to see what he does next, and this is a great opportunity to help shape the new material at a very early stage (so early that there's a typically Amstell-ish 'warning' on the booking page: "will not be funny yet").

These tickets will disappear faster than your retinas while walking down Eastcheap, so don't even stop to think about it: book now.

Edit: these shows are now all sold out. We did warn you.

Simon Amstell's work in progress shows are on 9-11 September at Invisible Dot, 2 Northdown Street, N1. Tickets £8 each.

Last Updated 05 September 2013


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