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Inside The King's Cross Clock Tower

Inside The King's Cross Clock Tower

The four-year reinvigoration of King's Cross station has reached endgame. The new, and spectacular, western concourse has been open for over a year; the platforms are less cluttered, with a new photovoltaic roof, and a replacement bridge; the hideous green canopy obscuring the front of the station is gone forever; and workers are close to finishing King's Cross Square — the new open space fronting Euston Road. This grand project terminates here.

Having toured the site during the beginning and middle of this epic transformation, we were yesterday invited back by Network Rail to witness the epilogue. In particular, we were treated to a tour of the station's famous clock tower.

The vantage point, accessed through a small door on the concourse, offers excellent views of both the vast platform roof and the nascent Square below. The clock itself can only be described as minimalist. Rather than employing a mechanism of cogs, gears and weights, it's now controlled by a tiny electrical box that prompts the hands to move.

Click through the gallery above for a photo-tour of the tower.

A lucky few will also get to tour the tower (weather permitting) and other aspects of the station during Open House weekend. Two major events — the King's Cross Carnival and King's Cross Journeys, will also take place over the same weekend. More on those (and Open House) next week.

London Reconnections also toured the site around a year ago, when the green canopy was still in place.


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Antony Todd-Bennett

I would really like to know the heights of these two clock towers.
Anyone know these details?