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08 September 2013 | Transport | By: M@

Going Underground: Tales From The Tube

Going Underground: Tales From The Tube

Videos about London Underground aren't exactly rare, especially in this 150th anniversary year. But this one's different. Not only is it rammed with fascinating first-hand accounts from tube workers and enthusiasts, but it's also largely the work of primary school children from Paddington and Farringdon (the termini of the first Underground line).

That doesn't mean that the stories are tame or frivolous. Interviewees speak candidly about racism and sexism of the past, terrorist bombings, suicide attempts in front of their cabs, passenger assaults on staff, and practical jokes that would today cause a scandal.

The video was arranged by education charity digital:works. The children worked with various archives and museums to research the history of the network, then conducted interviews to create this oral history film.

The results speak for themselves. We wholeheartedly recommend that you make the time to watch this fascinating bit of oral history.


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