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19 August 2013 | Best Of London | By: Franco Milazzo

London Puzzles: How Well Do You Know The Streets Of London?

A typical round from the new game by Us vs Th3m
A typical round from the new game by Us vs Th3m

How well do you know what London really looks like? And we mean all of London — not just the tourist sites or the shortcut to your favourite Soho establishment.

A new game by those chaps at Us vs Th3m uses Google Streetview to challenge players to guess where they are in the capital. To help you out, the game gives you three choices and allows you to look around the scene and zoom in on useful clues.

After 10 rounds, the game gives you your overall score and rates your their skill level; those getting full marks are a "cab driver" while those getting zero are labelled a "Northerner". We're guessing north of the Watford gap as opposed to north of the river.

You can check out the game here.

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Image is a screenshot of the game.

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David W

Brilliant, so addictive....