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25 August 2013 | By: M@

iPad Game Lets You Punch Your Way Off A Tube Train

iPad Game Lets You Punch Your Way Off A Tube Train

Ever had problems getting off a crowded tube? One solution would be to head-butt your way to the doors, ripping the limbs off anything that gets in your way. We've never heard a health and safety announcement advising against this, but we suspect it would be frowned upon.

However, you can take your rage out on fellow commuters in stupid but fun iPad game Zombie Underground. You have to complete a series of missions, each of which involves taking a tube journey, and twatting seven shades of low-resolution gore out of the groaning undead who block your ingress and egress. You get 40 seconds to batter your way onto the train, then the same to slug your way off again. And that's pretty much it.

Along the way, you can acquire power-ups, such as a rolled up newspaper, an umbrella or tablet computer with which to better thwack your shuffling foes. It's not subtle, it's not clever and it's not beautiful. Most Londoners we know would be unfazed by the zombie violence, but appalled that the Central Line is lime green and stops at Old Street. But for all its flaws, it's only 69p, and you get to live out a dark, twisted fantasy you'll never experience in real life. We recommend playing it on the tube to unnerve the people sat next to you.

Zombie Underground is out now (and has been for some time) from Concrete Playground price 69p for iPhone and iPad.


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Andy Brice

I'd like to suggest a new rule for London: We step off tube trains in a similar fashion to this the moment the doors open, and whatever may happen to people who are standing directly outside, blocking the exit, is entirely their own responsibility.