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12 August 2013 | Museums & Galleries | By: Londonist

In Pictures: A City Of Lego At The Royal Academy

In Pictures: A City Of Lego At The Royal Academy

This past Sunday, the Royal Academy  hosted a free, family-friendly workshop that combined 70,000 Lego bricks and the imagination of its participants. The idea was to inspire the public to think about architecture, to coincide with the RA's current exhibition on Richard Rogers.

We went along expecting to see familiar London buildings in Lego-form. Instead we were greeted with unique creations from fertile minds. While most buildings were constructed by children, the parents also got involved. Some buildings were taller than us, and some were precariously balanced (which proved to be a challenge to the organisers when placed aside a mock Thames river). Towards the end of the three-hour event, we overheard one of the organisers say "This is no longer child's play".

The creations are intended to stay with the exhibition until 13 October, but you may want to get there sooner than later just in case the dreaded "Kidzilla" decides to walk through the city leaving carnage behind.

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Lindsey Berthoud

Wonderful: the creations and photos!