Follow Jack The Ripper Case ‘In Real Time’ On Twitter


The Jack the Ripper murders are London’s most notorious, but it’s easy to look back on it now with the luxury of hindsight. We know how many victims there were, we know he vanished without trace. But imagine living through it, with taunts sent to the media whipping up hysteria even further, not knowing what lurid details would be revealed next.

From Saturday 24 August, imagining will be easier. A new Twitter account, WhitechapelRealTime (@WChapelRealTime) will start tweeting in real time. Coming from The History Press, the people who tweeted the Titanic in real time, it starts one week before the first ‘canonical’ murder – of Mary Ann Nichols on 31 August – and runs for four months.

They promise life in Victorian London, so not just the Ripper; a History Press book by Peter Stubley documents 50 other London murders in 1888 alone. The Titanic account was full of little details so this should be a fascinating project to keep an eye on.

Photo by Damien DeBarra from the Londonist Flickr pool

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  • copwatcher_uk

    An offer to follow ‘In Real Time On Twitter’ the story of a murderer who stalked and brutalised women is just incredibly distasteful.

    What next for The History Press – the Peter Sutcliffe Real Time Twitter account?

    • Rachel Holdsworth

      a) I don’t think you can compare the two; the Ripper case is over 100 years old, relatives and victims of Sutcliffe are still living

      b) This isn’t going to be a gory blow-by-blow account of just the murders (there would be an awful lot of silence if it was). It’s an account of what it would have been like living in Victorian London during that time.

      • Nikki Lloyd

        I have to say I agree with the opinion that this is incredibly distasteful.
        The Titanic ‘real-time’ Tweets were incredibly distasteful and had me wincing every time I saw someone re-tweet them.

  • HHGeek