Caption Competition: Boris And The Croc


Mayor of London Boris Johnson is currently down in Australia, doing whatever mayors do when they’re down in Australia. Here he is getting up close and kissy with a baby crocodile named George — a gift from Australia’s Northern Territory to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. But who’s got the best caption for it?

The image is a still from this ITV News report.

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  • richard foster

    its got to be safer than kissing david Cameron hasn’t it ?

  • badbidbod

    Streuth, what sewer did they drag this hideous beast from? And I have to what!?!? Kiss it??

  • LondonGoose

    This doob tastes funny…

  • MB

    “This will DEFINITELY get me into No. 10″

  • Franco Milazzo

    “You never close your eyes anymore when I kiss your lips…”

  • Paul Robinson

    Hmm, import a few & we can speed up getting punters on public transport in London & stick on a few more buses & tubes. Now how long do they take to grow to man eaters, before the next elections come up? Think i can get a couple in my bike panniers at least.

  • guest83832

    Slimy, cold-blooded reptile kisses crocodile.

  • Louise Comb

    Yucky! It’s slimy, reptilian and will probably be very dangerous when it grows up – said the baby croc.

  • falconer99

    Geddid op by lip

  • longerstun29

    I also have a slimy colleague called George, we kiss too x

  • Fitz

    no crocodile tears here