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14 August 2013 | Maps, Transport | By: M@

A 3-D Tube Visualisation With Moving Trains

A 3-D Tube Visualisation With Moving Trains

Click for interactive version.

Remember the tube map with almost-real-time train movements? Visual developer Bruno Imbrizi has gone one dimension better. Using a combo of station depth information, lat/long coordinates and train running information, he's put together this splendid 3-D visualisation of nine Underground lines (Waterloo & City and Circle lines seem to be missing). It's not quite real-time running info, but shows a good approximation of the network when everything's working as it should.

We could waffle on, but the best thing to do is simply head over to his site and have a play.

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Jamie Riddell

Awesome :-)


Hi Matt - I recently put together a viz about London's epic transport network. It's at routemaestro.com. I was wondering if you would be willing to add it to your blog?