What’s The Best Pub In Peckham And Camberwell? The Results

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Part ‘P’ of our two year mission to visit the best London pubs, alphabetically.

We asked you to vote for your favourite pubs and bars in the Peckham/Camberwell area. We had a great response, with many venues picking up plenty of votes. So much so that we’re going to run the pub crawl on a Saturday to fit six of the best in (see below map), rather than the usual four.

The Results

1. Hermits Cave (26 votes)
2. Frank’s Cafe and Campari Bar (21 votes)
=3. The Gowlett (17 votes)
=3. Storm Bird (17 votes)
=5. The Montpelier (16 votes)
=5. Bar Story (16 votes)
7. The Tiger (14 votes)
8. The Crooked Well (12 votes)
=9. The Old Nun’s Head (10 votes)
=9. The Bear (10 votes)

Special congratulations to the Old Nun’s Head, which isn’t strictly speaking in Peckham or Camberwell, but is so good that it crept into our top 10.

Map of Best Pubs in Peckham and Camberwell

All the nominated pubs and bars are shown in the map below. Green dotted pins are the top 6, which we’ll visit on the pub crawl (see below). Yellow pins show the rest of the top 10. Red pins are all other nominations.

View The best pubs in Peckham and Camberwell in a larger map

The Pub Crawl

The pub crawl will take place on Saturday 27 July, starting nice and early so the riotously popular Frank’s Bar isn’t too busy.

12 noon: Meet at Frank’s Bar – it’s the famous one on top of the multi-storey car park.
1.30pm: Bar Story
3pm: The Montpelier
4.30pm: The Gowlett
6.30pm: Storm Bird
8pm: Hermits Cave

Depending how we go, we might also take in the Crooked Well and/or The Tiger as well.

To take part in the pub crawl, email matt@londonist.com, so we can keep an eye on numbers.

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  • Nathan

    ‘We asked you to vote for your favourite pubs and bars in the Peckham/Clerkenwell area.’

    Bit of a strange pairing, probably works well for all the creative professional commuters though

    • MattFromLondonist

      I _knew_ I was going to make that typo somewhere. D’oh.

  • PeckhamRose

    The Old Nun’s Head IS ‘strictly speaking’ in Peckham, as it has an SE15 postcode. SE15 is for Peckham. Nunhead is just a little bit of Peckham. So it can be included. 😀

    • Sooz

      ‘Nunhead is just a little bit of Peckham’


      • debralondon

        Nunhead is a village in its own right! Its bounds were well and truly beaten last weekend to prove it!

  • JeanettMettler

    I think that Peckham is the best Pub for doing a Drink of Wine.