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12 July 2013 | General News, Housing | By: Dean Nicholas

Loft-Style Apartments For Railway Arches

Loft-Style Apartments For Railway Arches

Let's hear it for our Victorian forebears: the railway arches they laid across the capital are still in good nick and have been creatively repurposed into offices, restaurants, galleries and more. Now a design firm has revealed images of yet another use: as loft-style apartments.

London Original Loft (or, er, Lol — perhaps they're just taking us for a ride?) is a proposal by CSR Architects. They plan to install tilted skylights to let daylight through, and retain the interior exposed brick for a  gritty urban aesthetic.

Lol is at the proposal stage right now, with no fixed plans to go ahead. Whether London's empty arches, often used by homeless people as makeshift residences, should be converted into luxury dwellings for the well-off is another matter entirely.

Source: Design Taxi

Dean Nicholas

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Isn't it the noise that's the big issue? I think that's why more of them aren't residential already

Tom Chance

Not sure why they wanted to show a plane landing at City Airport in that picture... think of the noise and air pollution!

Nicolas Chinardet

LOL seems the right name for it. The noise and vibrations would be a massive problem, I think


Is this why the rail companies are attempting to evict thriving businesses from the arches in Southwark?

Foster & Patners

Forget the noise or the vibrations or the pollution..... just think to the leakage.... you can save shower time ! Ahhh love the future.


Funny, I made an enquiry about these arches to open a bar and restaurant. Unfortunately the planners had omitted to include provision for water, sewage and electricity in the hugely expensive re development of the station. Shame really because the arches have now sat empty for 6 months and I had to take a normal job!


Archway studios is an obvious reference for this design: