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05 July 2013 | Music | By: M@

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing: A Lyrical Portrait

Abbey Road Zebra Crossing: A Lyrical Portrait

The world's most famous street markings have received plenty of attention over the years. Every day, hundreds of tourists (and we dare say the occasional Londoner) gravitate to Abbey Road in St John's Wood to recreate the cover of the famous Beatles' album — much to the chagrin of local drivers. Indeed, the zebra crossing has become such an established part of the tourist trail that we'd have assumed there was nothing fresh to say about it.

Then we watched Why Don't We Do It In The Road, a short film by Chris Purcell and narrated by Roger McGough, which teases out the latent magic of this unlikely tarmacadamed attraction. Lollipops and piano keys. Beautiful stuff.


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