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23 June 2013 | News | By: M@

Victorian Gasholder Returns To King's Cross Skyline

Victorian Gasholder Returns To King's Cross Skyline

There's a lot of building work going on at King's Cross right now, what with a quartet of new office blocks topping out, preparation of the new square in front of the station, the emerging Francis Crick Institute behind the British Library and continuing works around the University of Arts. But one construction site is reassembling a piece of old King's Cross: Gasholder No. 8.

This 25 metre-high relic of Victorian industry previously stood at the crossroads between Camley Street Natural Park and St Pancras, but was demolished in 2011 to make way for Camden Council's new building, currently under construction. Built in the 1850s and Grade 2 listed, the iron guide frame has undergone two years of restoration. It's now being pieced back together a few hundred metres further north, alongside the canal near the rail bridge.

Eventually, a new event space and play area, designed by Bell Philips Architects, will be incorporated within the frame. It will be joined by three further gasholder rings, each containing a drum-shaped apartment block.


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I was at Camley Street Natural Park a few weeks ago, and one of the staff enthusiastically told me about the gasholder.


The concept picture looks a bit dull and one-dimensional, to be honest - no use is made of the height. What about using it to frame a glasshouse / botanic garden?