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Map Of V2 Rocket Strikes On London, Updated

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Map Of V2 Rocket Strikes On London, Updated

At the tail end of World War 2, Hitler unleashed a terrifying new weapon on London and other cities: the V2 rocket. This was the world's first modern ballistic missile, and the first manmade object to reach the edge of space. Hundreds struck the capital, destroying whole blocks and killing many.

Four years ago, we started a project to map these strikes. The response has been truly tremendous. Readers have supplied many new locations and, most importantly, shared eye-witness accounts. All have been added to the map, which now contains hundreds of personal memories. We even had two long-lost relatives rediscover each other in the comments section.

Google Maps turns out to be an excellent way of documenting this period in the capital's history. Not only can we pin memories to specific locations, but the satellite view readily shows how many of the strike locations still bear visible craters or mismatched housing.

The map has just been updated to include the past year's worth of reader memories. We've also added the locations of every strike in the former borough of West Ham, using an official war map kindly provided by reader Andy Halford. The project is still a work in progress, however, and we still have something like 100 locations to track down. If you have any information or memories you wish to share, either add them as comments to the original article, or email matt@londonist.com

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I think there are some places missing in Stoke Newington, or at least places that were struck by bombs (possibly not the V2?). You can see the differences in houses from the others dating back to the early or late Victorian era, depending on the block. These houses are squatter, wider, generally not sharing a wall and the bricks are a dark red colour. My boyfriend lives in one such house here in Stokey, and since I found out it was a house built after a WWII bomb had demolished the house previously on its site, I've become more aware of the similar-style houses in the neighbourhood.

Jeff Warren

In Gladstone Park Cricklewood there is a Beech tree which contains a large piece of the Aluminium casing from a German oil bomb .T his occurred in !940 ,if the tree is still there it will be found at the bottom of the slope coming down from the tea rooms up by Dollis Hill Lane before you leave the Park to crock over the railway line and rejoin the park on the other side . The tree had a large vertical scar in the bark

Ian Sewell

Hi. My great grandfather, Thomas William Sewell b1879, was killed by a V2 in Hackney in July 1944. He died in the Metropolitan hospital on 29 July 1944. His name is in the Civilian War Dead memorial book. Ian Sewell

Kevin bingham

You have missed the v2 hit directly on 13 st Albans road seven kings during September 1944.

Greg Tingey

I hate to say it, but you also need a map of the much more terrifying V-1 [ The first "Cruise Missile" ] landing-points, don't you?