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11 June 2013 | By: Ruth Hargreaves

Two Degrees: Festival Of Art And Climate Change

Two Degrees: Festival Of Art And Climate Change

Artsadmin's Two Degrees is a festival that asks what it wrong with our world and, more importantly, what we can do to change it. Between 17-22 June at Toynbee Studios, members of the public can join with artists, activists, storytellers, filmmakers, poets and writers to respond to today's global concerns in a series of events involving theatre, gaming, singing, reading and debating.

If you are a morning lark then you can tackle the issues surrounding market growth over breakfast with World Strike! A Daily Briefing. Hosted every morning during the festival by activist Lewis Bassett, City workers, financial analysts and activists come together to browse the pages of the Financial Times as a starting point from which to untangle the complex web of finance.

Change the Record! is a choir made up of people local to the East End, with an interest in the ever-changing culture, politics and geography of the area. Let them lead you on an unexpected tour of the area during a one-off performance on 21 June, by listening to their songs of personal and local significance.

Or you can get hands-on at artist Kate McIntosh's Worktable installation, where visitors must use their ingenuity and skill to dissemble and reassemble every day objects (teapots, umbrellas, alarm clocks, cassette tapes). This three-room installation allows visitors to reduce an object of their choosing to rubble, before selecting an already-broken object to put back together using basic materials such as glue and string. All 're-made' objects will be collected and displayed together in a final room.

If you fancy another bizarre collection, then Museum of Water might be your cup of tea. Accumulated over two years from different sites around the world, Museum of Water is a collection of publicly donated water with accompanying stories. Whether you like swimming in a pool, paddling in the sea, splashing in puddles or drinking from the tap, you can see the many ways we access and enjoy water, and even make your own donation to the exhibit.

Two Degrees takes place 17-22 June at Toynbee Studios, 28 Commercial Street, London E1 6AB. Please see the website for full listings and details.

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