The Innards Of All Central London Tube Stations... Mapped

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The Innards Of All Central London Tube Stations... Mapped

Londonist video makers Geoff Marshall and Matt Frost have a rather special side-project. Their Station Master app is  one of the best guides for getting around the capital, drilling down to such detail that it even tells you which train doors to use for the quickest interchange at any tube station.

The app also includes a unique feature: three-dimensional maps of the tunnels, escalators, tracks, exits, lifts and concourses of every Zone 1 station, and some beyond.

The plans are not only fascinating in their own right, but also a helpful means to finding underground shortcuts, or a cunning lift or stairwell that can get you to the concourse quicker than the escalators. The maps are particularly helpful for those with special accessibility needs — you can check in advance which routes through the station have fewest steps, or where the lifts are.

Station Master takes tube geekery to a new level, maps that level, and shows you where the exits are.

Available now for Apple devices for just £2.99. Go get it now.

Note: all station maps are available in high resolution within the app, higher than shown here.

Last Updated 14 October 2016


Why only on Apple? :( Please make it an Android app too!!


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Please please please make it for Android too!!!


In before security clampdown. And Android version.

Peter Twist

I've been waiting for ages for this app and downloaded it this afternoon only to be told that there is nothing at all interesting about my local station! However, very useful for deciding the right carriage to board in order to make a quick exit.


I really want to see King's Cross-St Pancras, but don't have an appropriate device.

Geoff Marshall

Euston Square, sure! This'll be in the next update...

It's the only station in the Zone 1 area where you can enter/exit without touching in or out with your Oyster! Naughty ... yes! But possible. On the southern side of the station (westbound trains) there is a lift for step-free access. Using that negates having to go through the barriers ...


Another call for this to be made for android phones. Useless to me at the moment as a non Apple user.


I'll buy it-once it's on android! ( I understand why you chose apple first)


Apple v android. Remember the android world is more varied different screen shapes different conventions. Apple world is more consistent. I'm sure if enough iOS users buy this they'll make an and rip version. Also this needs doing for every metro system anywhere. But there is a security downside.


Let me know when it's available for Android. :)