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12 June 2013 | Maps, News, Transport | By: M@

See A Tube Map Made From LEGO

See A Tube Map Made From LEGO

It's a geek dream made real: the London Underground map made from LEGO. Five such maps are going on display at different tube stations over the summer, to celebrate the network's 150th birthday. They will then head to London Transport Museum. The one pictured here was unveiled at King's Cross St Pancras this morning.

We'll have more information, and a video from Geoff Marshall (@GeoffTech) tomorrow.

See also: a guide to dozens of other alternative tube maps.

Lee Wilshire

I see that actually rather than just being a tube map it is actually looks to be a little bit of a look to the future tube map - your image shows Crossrail, the Croxley Rail link and the Northern Line extension on the map by the looks of it.


was at Green Park today where the 1968 Lego map is. some German tourists were standing looking at it, pointing things out ... and i realied they thought it was an ACTUAL map, i had to tell them that is was over 40 years old, and a proper map was on the wall around the corner ...