Rebranding Strand: Welcome To The Northbank

By Zoe Craig Last edited 59 months ago
Rebranding Strand: Welcome To The Northbank

From October, we could all be referring to the area around Strand as the Northbank, if developers have their way.

Presumably hoping to capitalise on the success of London's South Bank area, around 300 businesses from Trafalgar Square and Strand to Aldwych will be balloted on the renaming next month. Key attractions in the new "Northbank" area will include the National Gallery, Somerset House, The Savoy and the Royal Courts of Justice. And it seems Westminster council has given the project its backing: the council has offered an £8 million "spring clean" of the area if the vote is successful.

We can't help wondering if the rebrand will end up as successful as the Midtown effort was back in 2010. And what will happen to poor old Embankment, the actual north bank of the river Thames?

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Last Updated 13 June 2013


There's a (pretty good) Northbank restaurant, near Cannon Street station.

Steve James

But it's not The Strand, it's just Strand!

Nuria Corbi

Northbank sounds like it's some kind of warzone. Not a good idea. Rebranding an area is also not about the name.

Caspar Aremi

Is the Mayor's office still trying to call the East End the 'Eastside'?


I'm OK with developers rebranding an area of London as Northbank. So long as they are OK with me rebranding them as an infection of swivening budgefunglers.


I like Strand better though

London Historians

Idiotic and pathetic. As is "Midtown".

paul ashby

A wonderful waste of time and money Just imagine...people get paid for coming up with this nonsense, when there a growing number of others forced to bed down along the "Northbank".


Could they think of any name with less imagination behind it?!


Strand is an odd space - busy traffic, lots of offices set back from the street, eateries and the odd mobile phone shop. All this could be enhanced. Wide pavements make it perfect destination as a tree lined avenue with an alfresco cafe culture and boutique shopping just south of covent garden. Perfect for the office workers and the nearby tourists to spend and eat.

Jonn Elledge

Okay, I'm going out on a limb here, but... I think this is a good idea. That are is massively important but doesn't have an identity. It's just sort of squidged between Soho, Westminster, St James, and the river, but it doesn't really belong to any of them.

I'll slag off 'Midtown' or SoSho with the best of them. But this isn't rebranding, it's just branding. I'm pro.


Northbank 'Quarter' shurely?

Wim Rijksen

I'm all for it, as long as we get to rebrand the area where these so-called developers are located to either "Idiotville" or "Dumbassington".