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24 June 2013 | By: Andy Thornley

Gallery: Dynamo Performs Bus Levitation Stunt On Westminster Bridge

Some people bunk on to buses by sneaking on the back doors while the driver isn’t looking, or perhaps brazenly walk on without touching their Oyster in the hope that nobody challenges them.

But not magician Dynamo. The Bradford-born illusionist has demonstrated another way to use public transport without paying; by levitating next to a London bus as it crosses Westminster Bridge.

The stunt, performed for Pepsi’s #LiveForNow campaign, bemused tourists out to snap pictures of the Houses of Parliament, who instead were faced with the peculiar site of a man hovering next to a bus. He's been here before, of course, pretending to walk across water beneath the bridge, back in 2011.

Quite how he pulled off the bus stunt, we’re still not sure – and to be honest it’s probably best to keep a mystery so we can enjoy it as an amazing illusion. What we do know, however, is that he’s a cooler, British, less-weird answer to David Blaine.


Andy Thornley

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Jonn Elledge

"Quite how he pulled off the bus stunt, we’re still not sure" - er, pretty sure you can see the pole holding up the raised platform he's standing on in picture 2.


False arm attached to roof!!!!!!!


I think the line in picture 2 is part of the poster... Maybe...


I think the best bit is how he magicked up an entirely new route for his bus full of stooges. There is no route 543! As for how it's done ... same way as the "floating" people in Covent Garden ... hidden framework under clothes.