Week In Geek: 20-26 May 2013

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Week In Geek: 20-26 May 2013

London events for people with curious minds.

This will be the last edition of Week in Geek as an individual article. Instead, we will cover the more exciting events and exhibitions as standalone preview articles. Other events will be listed in our daily 'things to do in London' articles or weekend updates, which can be subscribed to by email alert here.

Monday 20 May

COMEDY: Rob Newman (pictured) begins a series of nine performances of his New Theory of Evolution at the Little Angel Theatre. £10, prebook, runs till 31 May

QUANTUM: Jonathan Oppenheim is at the Royal Society for a Cafe Scientifique all about quantum information and the real-world applications it can and could lead to. Free, just turn up, 6.30pm

Tuesday 21 May

ROAR!: Last year, Valerie Colin-Russ published a book about London's 10,000 sculpted lions. Now she's at Guildhall Library to discuss this colossal pride. Free, just turn up, 2pm

SMILE: Wellcome Collection's Roy Porter Lecture, given by Colin Jones, tackles a novel subject: how the toothy smile was invented in 18th Century Paris. Free, prebook, 6.30pm

Wednesday 22 May

SURGERY: The Royal Institution opens late for an evening devoted to surgery. After a talk by a team of Imperial College surgeons, explore the first floor and bar area where you can have a play with...and oh dear we can't help this pun...cutting edge surgical tools. £10, prebook, 7pm

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Sad to hear this is the last Week in Geek. I've found this a really useful article for finding events of interest.


Nooooo, bring back Week in Geek. It's my go to for all the best events. Sad

Andrea Casalotti

Please keep "the week in geek"; much easier to plan.


Boooooooo!! I love Week in Geek, I always email it onto my fellow work geeks :(


NOOOOoooooooooo - please please please keep Week in Geek. it's an essential part of my life, i don't think i can live without it and i'm totally serious. pleeeeeease.


Please don't kill week in geek. It's genuinely a great format as it is! When I heard it was being scrapped I figured it was due to costs or something so I came here to do a frodo-esque "I'll do it! I'll take the ring to mordor/curate week in geek for the greater good!" But I see you're just covering it in different ways.

Will things still be tagged with week in geek? Could we set up filters or something so its autocurated? Will you cover the same quality of events? Will science still be priority? Will it be as regular?! Can we help keep week in geek alive by suggesting more talks?!



Thanks everyone for your kind words and heartfelt pleas to keep Week in Geek. It's good to know that it was popular. I'm ending it partly for selfish reasons really - I've been compiling it in one form or another for seven years (search for the badly named Cogito Ergo Summary to see the earliest incarnation), and giving up two hours of my weekend each week was becoming a drag. I also feel it's not doing justice to the many excellent sci/tech/geek events around town to simply give them a one sentence listing.

So, Week in Geek is no more. However, I'll instead do more short previews of the kinds of events featured in WiG...perhaps one article a day. The easiest way to spot them is to click on the 'talks' tab in the menu bar at any given time, or to bookmark the tag 'geek' (click it at the bottom of the article above to get the URL). In effect, we'll be writing more words than currently about science/tech/geek, and in more depth, but spread throughout the week and not in listings format.