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02 May 2013 | By: M@

Time Travel London: Spitalfields Ghosts

Time Travel London: Spitalfields Ghosts

Continuing our series of images that merge past and present London.

Comparing photographs on the same spot from different eras is not a new idea, but few people do it as skilfully as Adam Tuck. He takes the practice one stage further by digitally merging old and new images together. Spitalfields is his temporal playground, as youngsters, barrow boys and market workers from the past rub shoulders with shoppers and office workers of the present. The resulting images are both haunting and intriguing.

These images previously appeared on the excellent Spitalfields Life site among other places, but deserve another airing as part of our Time Travel London series. You can see more of Adam's work on his graphic design website.

Would you like to enter our Time Travel London competition? All you need to do is picture something from London's past and something from its present in one image. You could show Charles Dickens skateboarding round the Roman amphitheatre, or Boris Johnson arguing with Samuel Johnson...whatever tickles your fancy. Entries can be drawings, paintings, manipulated photographs, collages...any medium you like. Please send images to matt@londonist.com. There's no deadline, but we'd love to see your work as soon as possible. The best images will appear in a future exhibition, for which we're currently seeking a venue.

Previous entries, for inspiration:


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