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Interactive: London's New Residential Developments

Interactive: London's New Residential Developments

The Financial Times has produced an interactive guide to London's major new property developments. Click on the image above to see the thing in action.

Naturally, this being the FT, the concern is with the wealthier end of the market: of those listed the cheapest is a studio at Battersea Power Station for £335,000, while the most expensive, one of the ten apartments in the Shard, is likely to go for upward of £50m. Also, if we're nitpicking, they've mistakenly used an illustration of the Heron tower on Bishopsgate in place of its residential namesake beside the Barbican (they clearly didn't use our Heron-spotting guide).

The prospect of central London encircled by high-end developments largely owned by the wealthy is a depressing one for the many who can't scrub together enough coin for a deposit. The impending disappearance of the sub-£100k London property further highlights the skewed nature of the market. And our own search for London's cheapest homes came to some sobering conclusions.

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More than half of these massive new developments are on the Thames frontage. They'll be looking at each other across a concreted culvert....