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08 May 2013 | By: Lindsey

Boe & Irony Spread Urban Animal Street Art Across London

Boe & Irony Spread Urban Animal Street Art Across London

When we saw Boe and Irony's beautiful pigeon, we joked that Londonist Towers could do with a street art squirrel. But when the guys got in touch offering to do us one, we swiftly remembered our walls are only rented and had to sorrowfully decline.

But they did find somewhere to put one! Tottenham's Portland Road is now adorned with a bushy-tailed rodent making a beeline for a huge juicy acorn — unseasonal of course, but still fabulous.

So that's a fox, crow, pigeon and squirrel done. What next? And do you have a wall that they could be painted on?

Suggestions for more urban wildlife street art in the comments please.


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Caidy Charles

Hedgehog please! They are so in danger and bringing public awareness to just how adorable they are might help save them. Thank you. Your art is brilliant.


Badger please
Badger cull starting next month and the stop the cull march in london on 1st june. Topical and lovely and need saving.


Hedgehog has already been done:



Owl please and right next to our lovely squirrel please so I can walk by it each morning.


oh! racoon or sloth. if they are ok with doing non-local animals as well. I'd also love to see their interpretation on snakes...


Boe has just completed the swans at Walthamstow Marsh and they look really cool as part of a massive 140metre mural with 12 other artists.