Time Travel London: Draw, Paint Or Photograph The Anachronistic City

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Time Travel London: Draw, Paint Or Photograph The Anachronistic City

If you could travel through time, when and where in London's history would you visit? We're launching a new competition to find images of London that show the past, present and future of the city combined in imaginative ways. It could be a drawing, painting, manipulated photograph, or even a map.

The idea is to create an image that shows either something from London's past mysteriously intruding into the present, or else something from London's present or future cast back into a scene from history. Perhaps you'll draw Charles Dickens navigating around town on his new moped. Maybe you'll doodle a Roman legion marching over the O2 dome. Or Photoshop fans could find inspiration from these ghostly images of Victorians milling about in the modern city.

With almost 2,000 years of history to draw on, there's plenty of scope for the imagination.

We'll not only publish the best entries on Londonist, but we'll also look for a suitable venue for public display, much as our current exhibition of subterranean London images is on show at Bishopsgate Institute.

Send entries to matt@londonist.com. At this stage, there is no deadline, but time is literally of the essence!

Last Updated 08 April 2013


Oh dear, didn't knew it was that big in the past O.o