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26 April 2013 | By: Lindsey

The Friday Photos: London Luggage

The Friday Photos: London Luggage

Hardened commuters hate luggage - suitcases trailing behind travellers and tripping you up as you try and surge for the escalator. Bulky bags in your face and taking up space on the tube. But search our Flickrpool and photographic art transforms luggage into inspiration and a focal point for a dozen quirky perspectives of London, Londoners and London life.

Many thanks to our FLickrpool photographers who shared their images in the Londonist pool: Mark Walton1, Tomasz Kulbowksi, Magic Pea, World of Tim, shadowjumper, fabiolug, Dominica69, DodgyEye, t-a-i, helenoftheways, nmbrook8 and Linda "Noirchick" Wisdom.


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