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08 April 2013 | Art & Photography | By: Tabish Khan

Surreal Satellite Landscapes: Geoff Litherland @ Nancy Victor

Surreal Satellite Landscapes: Geoff Litherland @ Nancy Victor

With so many emerging artists in London alone, how do you find out which ones are going to 'make it big'? There's no exact science but a good barometer is to see how much coverage and exposure they've been receiving, and Geoff Diego Litherland has been constantly popping up on our radar over the past six months.

Late last year he held his own in an exhibition at Bearspace gallery alongside the excellent Suzanne Moxhay, he also featured at the London Art Fair and was prominently displayed near the entrance to this year's Affordable Art Fair. On top of all this, he's in this year's Catlin Art Guide — a publication that has a proven track record for spotting emerging talents whose star is on the rise.

So why the hype? It's his unique blend of classical landscapes and portraiture merging with futuristic space imagery that catches the eye. You wouldn't expect to see a peaceful landscape painted on to a satellite's panel or a woman in period dress wearing a hat that looks like it could read her thoughts.

It's these playful and imaginative scenes that separate Litherland out from other artists and are likely to ensure his profile keeps growing astronomically.

We Will Say Goodbye To Everything: Geoff Diego Litherland is on display at Nancy Victor Gallery, 6 Charlotte Place, W1T 1SG from 12-29 April. Admission is free.

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