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03 April 2013 | Housing | By: M@

Street Art Of The Heygate Estate

Street Art Of The Heygate Estate

While it awaits demolition, the condemned Heygate housing estate is enjoying a final and unexpected lease of life, attracting street artists, taggers, guerilla gardeners and even storytellers. With its near-deserted walkways and endless concrete walls, the sprawling estate is a particular magnet for those wielding spray cans, as this series of images from Global Street Art shows. That site's account of the estate's repainting can be read here.

More on the Heygate Estate, including the social implications of its demise and plans for its redevelopment, can be found in our news archive.

Fred Paxton

@fredpaxton final burst of life for the modernist dream-turned-nightmare (demolition Jun 2013)