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16 April 2013 | By: Ruth Hargreaves

Spring Is Here! Kind Of

Spring Is Here! Kind Of

We've waved goodbye to the cold, hard back of March and have welcomed in a marginally warmer April. Flowers are a-budding, lambs are a-leaping and Spring cliches are a-bundant.

Us Brits are notoriously obsessed with our weather and although we do tend to love unexpected climates (‘there has been enough rainfall in London this month to fill all our nation’s bathtubs ...TWICE!’) we are equally excited when our climate does exactly what it is supposed to.

Therefore we would like to share with you our shameless joy in seeing slivers of blue skies, creeping patches of sunlight and sunshine-woozy flowers stretching their way upwards, across the capital. Chorus along with us now — Spring has arrived!*

Many thanks to our friends in the Londonist Flickrpool for hunting down these phenomenons and taking such beautiful pictures of them: Alex Abian, Stephskimo, McTumshie, londonbackpackr, buckaroo kid, Where The Art Is, chipperchowders, A-Lister Photography, RunnyCustard, Richard Stem, Naroa., and McTumshie (again).

*Spring may or may not actually have arrived. Londonist makes no warranty, express or implied, or assumes any liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of the statement that spring has arrived. Because it might not have. It’s difficult to tell.

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Awe! I want to eat them all! Yummy yummy!