London's Air Ambulance Turns To City For Funding

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London's Air Ambulance Turns To City For Funding

London's solitary air ambulance could gain a companion if plans to seek funding from the City are successful.

Unlike our urban counterparts, Paris, New York and Sydney who have at least four air ambulances each, we rely on just one. London's Air Ambulance chief executive Graham Hodgkin aims to get funding for a second helicopter — the existing one currently spends up to six weeks per year undergoing maintenance. In the Financial Times, Hodgkin said:

“London is a city that can have up to 11m people in it at any time. Instinctively it feels vulnerable to have only one aircraft to do what we do.”

We posted about London Air Ambulance's new chopper earlier this year along with some key facts about the service:

  • The helicopter is not for transporting passengers – it’s a rapid response unit that delivers an advanced trauma doctor and paramedic to a patient’s side within minutes of their accident — demonstrated just yesterday when the helicopter landed on Waterloo Bridge after a man fell from a building.
  • Trauma is the commonest cause of death for people age <45 including children, causing more lost years than cancer and cardiac arrest.
  • The service is a charity and relies heavily on donations. It is not government funded and is only part-funded by the NHS.

To support London's Air Ambulance, you can donate here and buy things from the shop here.

Photo by JakeSaunders1 in the Londonist Flickr pool.

Last Updated 04 April 2013


The crying shame is that RBS (84% tax payer owned) just renewed sponsorship of the 6 Nations Rugby in January this year in a 4 year deal. The cost? £44 million pounds.

I don't even know where to start with that, but RBS, if you're reading this: If you want us to stop bashing you, try sponsoring Charities like the Air Ambulance, instead of wasting our money on getting priority tickets to elite sporting events so you can take clients on jolly ups. Also, Google CSR.

Sinister Dexter

Air ambulance should be like the police helicopters FFS. Do the Met have to run about cap in hand to keep their three whirlybirds in the air?

Mike A

Chicago has 1 helicopter for a city of several million. Responses to the accident scenes by helicopter are extremely . It is all handled by ground EMS. The same goes with New York City.