Londoners: What Do You Think Of Boris Johnson?

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Londoners: What Do You Think Of Boris Johnson?

The news that London mayor Boris Johnson plans to spend £160,000 on a survey to find out what people think of him hasn't gone down too well with his City Hall opposition parties.

The survey, which has been submitted to the mayor's investment board, says it could drive "awareness, knowledge and therefore satisfaction with the mayor". According to the BBC's report, it also says that the project will consist of "drivers and perception qualitative research", " panel omnibus research", " user experience research" and an "advertising diagnostics review".

From that cavalcade of marketing speak, we deduced that improving the GLA's website might be on the cards. A fellow Londonist writer offered some completely free-of-charge advice on that score — improve the website's search facility. We'd also question the implication that satisfaction automatically follows knowledge and awareness.

One less-than-satisfied customer is Addison Lee chairman John Griffin, who made his views on the mayor fairly clear at an air pollution conference last week:

"Get rid of him and sling him in the Thames!"

Kettlemag also wanted to know what people thought of the mayor while we all know what Eddie Mair thought. So we thought we'd create our own short survey over on our Facebook page to find out what Londonist readers think of Boris Johnson.

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Last Updated 25 April 2013

Rachel Holdsworth

I find it interesting that the 20% of people who feel aware of Boris's work compares to 37% who felt informed during the last year of Ken's mayoralty (according to the BBC report). I'd be curious to see if this survey finds any correlation between the scrapping of The Londoner (which the Conservatives described, IIRC, as a 'Pyongyang style freesheet' before binning it in 2008) and this decline in awareness. I'm no fan of freesheets, but I'd be interested to see the results nonetheless.