In Pictures: International Pillow Fight Day London

Saturday was Pillow Fight Day, and a ton of people descended on Trafalgar Square armed with fluffy sleep aids and did battle with their fellows. So ferocious was the battering that the pillows started to come apart and coated the ground with a layer of down. Let us know in the comments if you were there – it looks like it was a lot of fun.

Photos from the Londonist Flickrpool by: Tony Lasagne, dave_bass5, Marc Fairhurst, SabineThoele, dave_bass5, youportraits, Where The Art Is, Kat Antosova, amyart86, amyart86 again, SabineThoele and another from SabineThoele. Thank you, all!

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  • DarkArtDesign

    Now he looks ready for combat lol so funny great pics llmao

  • Mangomouse

    Sorry we can’t just have innocent fun, but shouldn’t we think about how many ducks and geese were plucked – often while alive – for that much down?

    • ilikesunshine

      I 100% agree with you. Even though I did see some synthetic pillows (photographed the event but did not participate)

      Also: Go vegan.

  • Gemma Lindfield
  • ana catarina pires

    I’ve been there and I just loved it ! Read my post, watch the pictures and a movie, here: and by, the way, I talked about the feathers and the animal cruelty too…

  • Sound Asleep Film

    This event was brought to you by Sound Asleep – a bunch of London’s finest mischief makers and film makers too. Check out our video of it at

  • Clothing animals wear

    We attended and took some film too, you can see it here, check if your in it!

  • Romi Nicole

    Some more photos from the event, here: