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02 March 2013 | By: Lindsey

What Happened On The Wheel Of Date?

What Happened On The Wheel Of Date?

On Thursday night, 491 single people took part in a unique dating event on the London Eye. Each capsule was transformed into a dating experience and ticket-holders divvied up and shuffled into pods for a turn of the wheel.

Our eligible writers were too terrified by the concept to take part so we sent Gary Cohen along to observe proceedings and capture the action on camera. He wound up in Casablanca. Others found themselves at a comedy gig, life-drawing, getting "married" or playing Musical Bingo.

It looks like a lot of fun was had with the various activities breaking the ice for nervous participants and the after party at the Old Vic Tunnels giving people a chance to mix more widely and share their "date" stories. This video created by organisers DoingSomething.co.uk gives a glimpse of other pod action, including bunny stroking, ping pong playing and some thumbs-up on the flirting front.

Photography by Gary Cohen.


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Londoner Kate

I would have loved this!