Shoes In A Tree Opposite MI6. Why?

That’s what we asked you on Facebook. We’ve all heard the ones about drugs and gangs – although “shoefiti” was a new one for us — but your other suggestions amused us so much we’re sharing them here:

Myles Roberts: When you start a job at the security services you throw your old shoes up in the tree

Lynne Jeavons-Fellows: It is a blossoming shoe tree silly, fully ripe they are just gorgeous

Tim Layton: Due to the euphemism of someone being ‘light on their feet’ to mean that someone is gay, if someone wishes to impersonate a homosexual they fill their shoes with helium. Occasionally they forget this when they take their shoes off to air their feet while having a nice cup of tea on a park bench. The shoes then rise into the air and become trapped in the tree. This practice is RIFE in that area.

James Guppy: The long running gang feud between mi6 and Scotland yard – all started over a bakewell slice apparently.

Justin Gosling: I suspect it has something to do with a Quantum of Sole Lace.

Viola Górczyńska: They’re testing teleportation but shush.. it’s a top secret

Terry Callaghan: It’s a statement. They have sole and can do a good impression of a heel if needs be.

Valerie Brook: Bird houses for the London sparrows.

Terry Callaghan: Isn’t that an ice-skate at the top? And anyway its opposite Hampton House and right outside the media centre at Millbank, so maybe its journos … one of who has been skating on thin ice, again.

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