People With Tights On Their Heads Perform In Granary Building

This afternoon, something unusual will happen in the Granary Building at King’s Cross. The new shed-like installation Black Maria acts as an architectural platform for a site specific performance, “and it went everywhere / II“.

The 15-minute performances involve faceless bodies, masked in black tights, moving to a set of invisible instructions, “extending and reflecting relationships between points, lines, curves and each other — merging body, geometrics, architecture, space and meaning”.

Black Maria is a major new installation in the Granary Building at King’s Cross. It’s a huge timber structure which you can walk through during the day. In the evenings, steps become seats and the space hosts screenings and discussions.

A2 Company’s and it went everywhere / II will happen in the Granary Building at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm for 15 minutes. Free admission. Find out what else is happening in Black Maria here.

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