Name The New Streets Of King's Cross

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Name The New Streets Of King's Cross

The old railway lands north of King's Cross are currently one of the biggest building sites in Europe. Lift cores are rising from the dirt and cranes dominate the skyline, as the 64-acre site is transformed into a new business, retail and residential district. All these new buildings need new roads, and new roads need new names.

King's Cross Central Limited Partnership today launched a competition asking the public to provide suggestions for up to 10 new street names. This is your chance to make a permanent mark on the capital. By way of guidance, the promoters list recently coined streets such as King's Boulevard and Handyside Street:

So far, the street names chosen have had a clear link to King's Cross, whether past, present or future, for example they relate to notable people, activities or events associated with the area. KCCLP believes that has worked well, but consideration will now be given to all sensible suggestions that are consistent with Camden Council’s guidelines on the naming of streets and those considered the most appropriate will form a shortlist.

The map above shows the streets in question, all to be created in the northern part of the development. To register your suggestions, read the information here and simply fill in the form by the end of May.

Our suggestion? Tennant Way and Lowe Street, named after The Pet Shop Boys. The duo not only wrote a song called King's Cross, but also covered the aptly titled 'Where the Streets Have No Name'.

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Dean Nicholas

Ladykiller Lane and Boudica Boulevard (historical accuracy be damned), for starters.

Jemma Hughes

I don't mind just please please nothing Harry Potter related!

Rob Wood

Fiction Street


I wholeheartedly endorse streets with Harry Potter hinting names...well, perhaps just one? 9 3/4 street?


Pancreas Road....just to spice up confusion a bit :D

Williams Way ( after Kenneth W

Williams Way ( after Kenneth Williams)

Max the Tax

von Lucius Lane


Don't suppose a reappearance of Gropecunt Lane is likely?


Prostitutes Passage?

Paul Power-Gibbs

Townsley Street named after the station officer from soho fire station who died attempting to rescue a lady in the ticket office at the kings cross fire.


Gold medalist way

Tom Marr

what about islamabad road lol or anything not british to fit in was in london the other day i am ashamed that this is supposedly the capital city

Tom Marr

speak english avenue lol

David McGillivray

The Ladykillers is the most famous film shot in King's Cross and one of the best-loved British film comedies of all time. Of course there should be a Ladykiller Lane.

London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling


London Calling



Wilberforce Avenue after Mrs Wilberforce from The Ladykillers

Marie Harvey

How about Pogues Parade after The Pogues who were founded in Kings Cross?

They call me Mr. Glock

Winehouse Way