Where Are London’s Football Clubs Moving To?

The announcement last week that West Ham United will be moving into the Olympic Stadium closed a long-running, often farcical episode in London’s footballing lore.

The Hammers aren’t the only club on the move, though. Eleven of London’s 14 professional teams are planning to either relocate, or substantially redevelop their ground (or even, in one case, leave London altogether) in the coming years. Chief among them are Tottenham, whose own designs on Stratford were well known, and Chelsea, who have been frustrated in their desire to occupy Earls Court or Battersea Power Station.

Click on the club logos in our interactive map to see who else is planning a move.

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  • Tom

    Why don’t they just all chip in together and share a stadium? Could work if they don’t all play at the same time.

    • John

      14 team sharing the same ground? Yeah, I can really see that working.

    • Dan Radu

      Two of them together might make sense. Particularily a big club and a small club. The smaller clubs gets extra gate $$$ and and the bigger club gets some preferencial loan love, etc.