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"Fruit Salad Boating Lake" At Kew Gardens

"Fruit Salad Boating Lake" At Kew Gardens

Via the Gastroblog at Hot Dinners, we learn that food and architecture dabblers Bompas and Parr will construct a fruit salad boating lake in the Palm House pond at Kew Gardens this summer.

Visitors to the installation will walk over a bridge to a small pineapple island, or they can rent a boat (decorated to resemble various fruits) and paddle through a "secret grotto" beneath the island. Sounds very, er, Bompas and Parr-ish: their previous exploits include a boating lake atop Selfridges, a romp through the history of food and an artisanal chewing gum factory.

Tutti Frutti (as it's called) runs from 25 May to 3 November, and is part of Kew's IncrEdibles festival, which "celebrates the amazing bounty of the plant world, inviting visitors to experience first-hand a selection of the 30,000 species we can feast on.".

Photo / Derek G. Crook

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